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Email Client Authors
Date: 18/12/2003
Hehehe: You must be "this tall" to touch the mailer

PS: I qualify ;)
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My Linux File Manager
Date: 18/12/2003
I've been working on a unreleased file manager for Linux the last month or so and I just got the "Network Neighbourhood" feature working via Samba. It lists all the machines on the network and then lets you browse the shares. Finally you can mount the shared drives using smbmount and browse through them all in the tree view alongside normal folders. Sweet!

Now it's should be much easier to interoperate with the rest of the network. Lalala.

It's still way alpha... and you need to set some things up as root first... but it's getting there.

Update: Heres some screenshots for you:
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Broadband in .AU
Date: 14/12/2003
I was mere days away from clicking the buy link when Telstra announced their new cable plan for 10gb/mth for $70. Which completely changes the broadband landscape in Australia.

So now Optus like the lackeys they are have followed and bumped all their data rates. So my plan has jumped from 550mb to 3gb for the same money. Well at least until March when they announce the "real" plans. Wait and see I guess.

At least I'll be able to download Linux ISO's again as of 1/1/2004. :D

Update: They moved it forward to this month! I've got some Gentoo Live CD ISO's waiting for me at home :D I HAVE BANDWIDTH AGAIN! RAARGH!
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Box Rebuild
Date: 12/12/2003
Well after the disk crash I got donated a new Seagate drive (yay! Thank you.) and I've reinstalled Win2k, Office, Visual C++ and some utilies, but it's taken most of the day. And wouldn't ya know it, to install 2k you have to be running windows. And well all I had on the new disk was the Win98 system files (ala c:> sys d:) and so I had to install '98 just to be able to RUN the 2k setup. Bah!

So by Monday I'll be productive again I hope. There is still a zillion more apps and OS's to install (yeah several Linux's) but the new disk is pretty quiet and cool. Both big plusses.
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2nd Hard Drive Gone
Date: 10/12/2003
Yep, I've lost 70gb (30+40) worth of hard disk in the last month.

I think I've saved everything important off the failed disk.. but now my machine is down to 13gb and Windows 98 + Gentoo. Ironically it's the oldest (6yrs) drive thats still going. The other 2 drives were both less than 2 years old. However still out of warentee of course, and the IBM drive was already a replacement for a failed disk. Not that I'd put an IBM drive into my machine these days even if they paid me.


Although I had my first positive Linux experience in months when I managed to move all the files around to get Word working again from Linux, as Win98 just hung badly with the failing drive powered up. Konqueror of all things has a "skip all" option when copying huge directories of files and some files are not readable. Plus it seemed less inclined to get stuck on bad sectors.

I managed to get enough things working to see us through the week with some judicious deleting and moving of files. I think I've got less than 100mb free on each partition (Windows + Linux). Although no compiler... that didn't fit, and my mail is stuck on the Linux partition, but thats alright... I can just use this ;)

It feels really old skool to be micro-managing space like this again, I vaguely remember the bad old days of never enough disk space. Even after years of always having free GB's on every partition.
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KDE / konqueror
Date: 9/12/2003
Things I love about KDE and konqueror:
  • I have time to get a coffee waiting for a dropped file to arrive on the desktop.
  • The desktop refreshs itself 3-4 times, flickering away when you change anything on it.
  • My fravorite is how konqueror lays out it's contents twice when in list view (if at first you don't succeed), repainting the text without clipping properly which leaves ugly "bolding" effect because of XFT's anti-aliasing. Lovely.
  • When I use the arrow keys to navagate the list of folders and files in konqueror it jumps over the file I want to select. I love that!
  • I really like how the icons are 2x as big as windows, and don't like being next to each other, and the fonts don't look good at small point sizes and every window wastes 4-8 pixels on every item. Let alone the ugly name clipping that konqueror does. Thats fantastic!
  • I love when you drag a file into an application from the desktop and the mouse hits the window's border on the way to the client area of the application, KDE never honours the applications response to whether it can receive the file being dragged. You have to whip the mouse over the edge of the window from some existing "droppable area" and hope for the best. It's just plain buggy. But thats the beauty of open source, bugs for free! But then not to be outdone the d'n'd support is also really slow, with everything updating seconds after the fact. And that little "file icon" that attaches itself to the cursor paints itself a 1000 times across the screen leaving a trail of images behind. I love that!
This is the year 2003 and we have a product from 1997 living on lots of Linux desktops!

So whinge whine blah blah, you say. "Use the source". Hmmm well I don't think KDE is "rescue-able" but I'm slowly writing my own file manager. I'm also playing with Y hoping to give some legs to something that isn't lame like X.

And don't give me that "X isn't broken" drivel, if 1000's of applications can't get X to run as fast as Windows then I don't think it's the applications fault. I don't care whether they could optimize the apps, it's the underlying latency of everything X does thats the problem. Slow message passing, slow drawing on the screen, slow clipping, having to maintain 2 graphics states (X and XFT) and the lack of proper input support just say to me "kill me now".

When something finally replaces X people will stop saying how it's the apps fault. Scribe runs on Windows and X. I can certainly say the X version is much slower and no where near as fun to use.
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