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New Year - New Scribe
Date: 1/1/2004
In the next few days (barring unforeseen problems) I'll be posting the first test release of Scribe v1.87. The main features being less crashes, improved internationalization (include new translations) and more SPEED!

There are lots of optimizations in the new version, starting with:
  • Compacting folders is now much quicker (at least the non IO bound parts).
  • The user interface caches a lot of the string mappings now. As a side effect lots of base controls now support glyph sub in Win32.
  • Loading and sorting folders is faster.
  • Bayesian filtering's word database build runs significantly faster due to better string management.
This is mostly due to choosing better algorithms in key loops for the aforementioned parts of Scribe. Most of this you don't notice until you've got a lot of data in Scribe. So don't be too concerned if it's not obvious when you upgrade. All it means is that Scribe is growing with you and it'll scale better as you keep collecting email.

There is more to be done on the optimization front but to some degree a lot of the incrementation approaches have been milked for their benifits. Increasingly the next option for optimization requires a total rewrite of part of the code. Which I won't do this side of v2 for the sake of stability.

v2 will bring a swath of new technologies to Scribe. A proper filesystem/DB backend for lightning fast queries and hard core corruption resistance. More flexible user interface and class leading features. New powerful plugin API. Deeper Scripting support. Open config file formats (xml). And more stability.

There is even the possibility of open source. But I'm not promising anything.

All in all I think this year will be pretty exciting, and I'll looking forward to creating some great software. Who knows? we may even see the return of BeOS(zeta) versions of various programs ;)
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New Releases
Date: 22/12/2003
I've posted a new release of i.Ftp on both Win32 and Linux platforms. Also I've updated the source release of i.Ftp if anyone wants to have a look.

Speaking of source, I've released v1.97 of Lgi; my cross platform GUI library. This is a accumulation of bug fixes, more on the Linux side of things but some win32 fixes as well. There are some important optimizations as well in the storage libraries.
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Email Client Authors
Date: 18/12/2003
Hehehe: You must be "this tall" to touch the mailer

PS: I qualify ;)
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My Linux File Manager
Date: 18/12/2003
I've been working on a unreleased file manager for Linux the last month or so and I just got the "Network Neighbourhood" feature working via Samba. It lists all the machines on the network and then lets you browse the shares. Finally you can mount the shared drives using smbmount and browse through them all in the tree view alongside normal folders. Sweet!

Now it's should be much easier to interoperate with the rest of the network. Lalala.

It's still way alpha... and you need to set some things up as root first... but it's getting there.

Update: Heres some screenshots for you:
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Broadband in .AU
Date: 14/12/2003
I was mere days away from clicking the buy link when Telstra announced their new cable plan for 10gb/mth for $70. Which completely changes the broadband landscape in Australia.

So now Optus like the lackeys they are have followed and bumped all their data rates. So my plan has jumped from 550mb to 3gb for the same money. Well at least until March when they announce the "real" plans. Wait and see I guess.

At least I'll be able to download Linux ISO's again as of 1/1/2004. :D

Update: They moved it forward to this month! I've got some Gentoo Live CD ISO's waiting for me at home :D I HAVE BANDWIDTH AGAIN! RAARGH!
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Box Rebuild
Date: 12/12/2003
Well after the disk crash I got donated a new Seagate drive (yay! Thank you.) and I've reinstalled Win2k, Office, Visual C++ and some utilies, but it's taken most of the day. And wouldn't ya know it, to install 2k you have to be running windows. And well all I had on the new disk was the Win98 system files (ala c:> sys d:) and so I had to install '98 just to be able to RUN the 2k setup. Bah!

So by Monday I'll be productive again I hope. There is still a zillion more apps and OS's to install (yeah several Linux's) but the new disk is pretty quiet and cool. Both big plusses.
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