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Valintines Day Scribe Theme
Date: 14/2/2005
For all you softies, a Valintines Day themed title page for Scribe v1.88-4.

Unpack this into your Scribe directory. It's simple but effective. Some people have started to play with the HTML in title.html that formats the root node page. I'm interested in what people can do with it. If you want to know about the internals of DOM fields, including linking to external applications then email me and I can give you pointers on how to do things.

Obviously if I had more time and skill I could've made some of the icons and other graphics themed as well. Oh well next year :)
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Buying A Printer
Date: 3/2/2005
I'm seriously thinking about buying a Canon PIXMA iP5000 but the only thing holding me back is the lack of Linux driver support. The main things I'm looking for is good photo support, alternative OS support, fast connect (USB2/Firewire - dreaming I know), low total cost of ownership and doesn't look ugly.

The options:
  • Canon - Cheap and separate ink carts, so low TCO. Good quality prints, fast. Update: Commercial linux support available.
  • HP - Hideously expensive cartridges. Can't replace just one colour. Looks the nicest though.
  • Lexmark - Cartridges are chipped = evil business practices.
  • Epson - Cartridges are chipped = evil business practices.
So anyone know of a better unit for A$ 300 ish?
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This Is Why I Hate RedHat
Date: 3/2/2005
lemon# rpm -q ethereal-gtk+-no-snmp-0.10.0a-1.RH9.i386.rpm
        package ethereal-gtk+-no-snmp-0.10.0a-1.RH9.i386.rpm is not installed
lemon# rpm -i ethereal-gtk+-no-snmp-0.10.0a-1.RH9.i386.rpm
        package ethereal-gtk+-no-snmp-0.10.0a-1.RH9 is already installed
10 years on and we still have to put up with rpm. For crying out loud... window's DLL hell is better than rpm hell.
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Visual C++ .NET Can't Find Squat
Date: 1/2/2005
After my last rant about the pathetic excuse for an IDE that Microsoft's Visual C++ .NET (2002) is, I have found a delightfully annoying quirk in the "Find in Files" function. Under certain circumstances that feature just stops working. Instead it says:
No files were found to look in.Find was stopped in progress.
And you want to know what the fix is?

You know I'm going to tell you anyway right?

Press Ctrl+Scroll Lock

Yup... uh huh. Thats it. Great eh? MiserySoft's finest.

Update: The saga continues....
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Whats Eating My CPU
Date: 27/1/2005
In my previous post I mentioned that only when my CPU is pegged at 100% did the overheating thing happen. So surprisingly enough when my machine started falling over every 15 minutes I didn't twig to the fact that something was actually using all the CPU. Anyway I was poking around in the Task Manager and found that 'iosdt.exe' was eating all my CPU and I couldn't even kill it.

Oh great, my box is infected. This was what started causing my system to overheat all the time.

Well kinda, you see it's actually a legit application. But I certainly didn't install it. It's the client installed as a service. In my case it's ridden in on some other apps back. Although I have no idea which.

The next question is how do I kill it?

Well lots of articles on the net say boot into safe mode and then delete it. It's much easier than that to rid yourself of the pest. Firstly, being a service, you can just stop the service using the control panel's Administrative Tools section. Look for ' client' in the services list. Stop the client and then check out the properties, it'll tell you where it's running from. Go to that directory and delete it. In my case it was installed here:
I just deleted the whole folder. Interestingly enough it was generating work for someone with the email address Who will now start getting (more) spam now that I've posted their address on a well linked site. Hehe.
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Beige Box Bashing
Date: 27/1/2005
My computer has gotten around to giving me the finger again. It has for some months been hanging at irregular intervals. Now long ago I had bought and installed some ultra quiet Pabst fans. The only problem was that they wouldn't flow enough air through the CPU heatsink to keep it cool when the CPU is pegged at 100% for awhile. e.g. playing a game, encoding something etc. It definately seems worse now thats it's summer and it's hot around here.

The final straw come yesterday when even while just browsing the web it would hang, 15 minutes after power on or reset.

So instead of buying the expensive toys I'd like to get, I resigned myself to buying cheap toys, like a new heatsink/fan for my ailing box. I settled on a Evercool CUD-725CA as it seemed like it had better air flow / db than the other options in the same price range (A $25). And I didn't have unlimited time to find the optimal solution so I just picked something. Seems to work ok, I'll do some proper stress testing tonight. :{
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