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Scribe Crash
Date: 24/6/2005
The current bug blocking Scribe v1.88 going stable is a crash related to attachments. Somehow during attaching files to an email something goes wrong and when you send it or close the window it crashes. If you can reproduce that at will then I'd like to hear from you.

I suspect that something is creating an extra message loop on top of the email window's message handler, like maybe TrackPopupMenu or a modal dialog. And then for some reason while that is running the mail window is closed, and when the message loop returns to the underlying mail window message handler, it has already been deleted and it crashes with a corrupt stack or invalid memory access.

So far I've checked that I've correctly parented the attach file dialog and the popup menu tracking. So I don't see how it's possible but there must be a way of breaking it because people keep sending me crash reports about it. I havn't been able to work out how to reproduce it as yet, so if you have any relevant information let me know... please!

Another related problem is that when you double click a (usually large) attachment Scribe can crash. It's a similar sort of issue, i.e. after running the OnClick handler the window has been deleted and an invalid memory reference occurs. I've seen this once or twice myself but can't reproduce it.
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Subaru Model Snobbery
Date: 23/6/2005
Subaru's Japanese range is somewhat different to the range we get down under. I suspect because of the differences between fuel quality and compliance laws. However it's interesting to compare the model ranges.

Model Australia Japan New Zealand
2.0i 101kw 103kw 101kw
2.0r - 140kw -
2.5i 121kw - 121kw
3.0r 180kw 184kw 180kw
GT 190kw 206kw 206kw

I feel jipped! Especially because we don't get the 140kw 2lt that gets 7.4L/100km. I can't afford the GT or 3.0r yet but maybe one day. Currently the idea of a 2.5i with a safety pack is appealing over the options: Accord Euro (version with 6 air bags too expensive) or Mazda6 (aweful aweful trim in the mid level model). The only downside is that horibly underpowered 2.5 litre engine.

I find it interesting that NZ gets a mish mash of japanese spec and aussie spec vechicles in their line up.
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My New Fravorite...
Date: 22/6/2005 Muse (listening now) Lian-Li v1000 (ordered) + PSU's: SilenX (ordered)
...CPU: AMD Dual Core 4200+ (saving for) Liberty 2.5i Safety (seen one to many fatal accidents lately)
...scooter: esr750 (unfortunately illegal here, but I'm working on that)
...guitar: Quicksilver (on wishlist)
...guitar pickups: Kinman
...leak detector: Visual Leak Detector (using) library: libCairo (playing with)
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Dubious Use Of HTML Entites
Date: 16/6/2005
I have no idea if this is legal or not but I have a HTML page that is using HTML entities inside a font tag to encode characters in a particular charset. Or at least that is what I think it's doing. My HTML control of course barfs on it and I'm interested in fixing it to cope.

Firstly the font tag is:
<font face="&iuml;&frac14;&shy;&iuml;&frac14;&sup3; &iuml;&frac14;.$B!k.(B&atilde;&#130;.$B!-.(B&atilde;&#130;&middot;&atilde;&#131;&#131;&atilde;&#130;&macr;">
And the meta tag in the head of the html document is says charset=ISO-2022-JP so that font face should decode to a usable Japanese font name.

The question is how?

My understanding of entities is that they decode to utf-32 which you then ram into the output text stream as raw unicode. And the bits between entities get decoded in the documents character set declared in the meta tag at the top of the document.

This doesn't appear to be the case in this document. I think what it might be doing is encoding the utf-8 font face in entities. But the problem with that is that in the general case you can have entities that decode to utf-32 values greater than 256 and thus are not valid for the document charset or utf-8.

Ok my brain hurts. Does anyone know what is going on here?
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The Ultimate Land Line
Date: 16/6/2005
After our land line cordless phone died I've been looking around for a replacement part, not really sure that anything I get is going to be any more robust that the horrible Doro thing we used to have.

Then I found this little jem which allows you to seemlessly use your landline and Skype VOIP with just one cordless handset. No more holding a mic in front of the computer! How frickin cool is that?

If you havn't used Skype yet then your missing out, it's pretty amazing, the sound quality is better than a local call and the lag is usually pretty easy to deal with. And it's free. Which is an important consideration in the light of the spiralling phone call costs that phone providers are charging.

The way I see it, people can get this thing and use it get on the VOIP bandwagon without sacrificing connectivity to people not yet connected to skype. The more friends you convert over to skype, the more money you save. And somewhat less importantly the less money going into phone companies coffers (muhahaha). About half my friends are on broadband, but most of my family are not (although I'm trying hard to get my parents on broadband - it's cheaper too!).

Now my only issue is scraping together A$200 to get one ;)
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Date: 15/6/2005
Our recently aquired 2nd car has really been in the wars this weekend. Firstly on friday night I was about to fill it with some petrol and I dropped the fuel cap, and before it had come to a stop on the ground a car had run it over it and smashed it.

Then while we were away over the long weekend the car was parked outside our friends place in Killara (a very upper class suburb) and it got broken into. The theives smashed a small pane on the back passenger door and took our digital camera and the spare tire. The spare was later found a block away but the camera, an old 2.1mp Canon IXUS is gone. The annoying thing is that it's not worth anything on the market being so old and all but it's still really handy to us. So it's not even going to be worth selling (you'd be lucky to get A$50 for it). I didn't even know the camera was in the car when I left it, or I would have taken it with me.

Then to add insult to injury this morning when we picked the car up the battery was stone cold dead, presumably because the internal light was left on, and I had to jump start it.

Update: I've had some luck with the spares, getting the fuel cap and replacement glass for A$65. I'll fit the glass myself as it seems to be just screwed into place. As for the camera, I was a little on the cheap side, they are going for A$91 on ebay. But it seems like a good time to go shopping for a better camera. I'm thinking a Powershot Pro1 would do nicely ;)
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