Top 10 tell tail signs you might be a rev head:
Date: 7/8/2003
10. When blocked by slow moving traffic you've looked down to see that they are in fact doing the limit.
9. The first thing you look at when buying is the power to weight.
8. Sitting at red next to a late model sports car gets the adrenaline running.
7. FWD is a dirty word.
6. You've gone UP a gear to engine brake.
5. Four cylinders? Only if it's got a whopping big turbo!
4. You spend more on your car repayment than your living arrangments.
3. Orange/Amber means drop 2 cogs and boot it.
2. You know by instinct the exact RPM the rev limiter cuts in.
1. The edge of traction is a lifestyle not a scary moment.
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