Foot Controller Testing
Date: 6/6/2011
Tags: axefx
Tonight I put together a test harness on some proto-board, using 12 micro-switches to test the functions on the foot controller board. So far so good, all the parts are working as expected. The next thing to test is the MIDI input and output. The next revision of the controller PCB with allow for connecting to the test board via ribbon cable and IDC plugs. Which will be much neater than soldering the test harness in.

Also I've installed a contrast pot for the LCD. Unfortunately I messed up the trace going to the contrast pin on the LCD in the PCB design. Not to worry, I've cut that trace on the PCB's using a dremel which leaves it free to be hooked via a nearby pad to whatever you'll use for contrast control. The kit instructions will cover that.

After getting all the buttons hooked up tonight, I tried all the setup menu functions, like factory reset, configuring the MIDI channel, changing the IA blocks etc. Then I moved around the presets, and switched some IA blocks on and off. Everything worked first time... so that's an excellent sign!
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