Html editing.
Date: 30/7/2010
I'm making a serious effort to use Scribe's HTML editing in day to day use. So far I've resolved a number of issues that made it unusable and it's now just merely clunky as hell. Things I've yet to sort out:
  • Home/End don't work.
  • I still get a bunch of asserts pop up when I delete text.
  • Enter with a selection doesn't do anything.
  • There are some stray spaces creeping in here and there.
  • No way to set a HTML signature yet. Although there are HTML reply/forward formats.
  • The HTML output has a lot of redundant style information in the elements. e.g. the anchor tags have explicit styles for "blue" and "underlined". I will eventually remove those on save. I'm working towards have a default style sheet, which most likely will exist as a 'default.css' in the resources folder. This means that yes, you could edit that to change the default appearance of HTML email in Scribe.
  • Also it doesn't yet allow you to reply to someone's else HTML email in HTML... it converts their email to text... adds that to your HTML reply template and then gives that to the editor. Although I'm working on a new DOM field called "BodyAsHtml" that you can use in the reply format to get the source email's HTML correctly formatted. It's unknown how arbitrary HTML email will work inside the editor. For instance, there is no way of editing tables at all, but it should render ok.
  • Oh yeah, and no inline spell checking like the text mode compose control. It's taken a long time to get that working right, and HTML adds a whole other level of complexity to it. But you know I'll find a way right!
  • Doesn't support paste/working with images at all.
  • Can't break out of the quoted text to put inline replies in.
And it's probably buggy buggy buggy. But I have sent a few HTML emails this week.

Update: Btw it's hilarious trying to reply to Outlook emails. Such pretty well formed HTML.
02/08/2010 11:07am
I think you could make current not-bug- and not-beta- version (without HTML-support, ..., ...)
I hope we will see non-beta reliase in this year ... or in next year
02/08/2010 10:25pm
I'm currently stuck with the known crash bugs, in that I can't get a stack trace of where the crash happens so I can fix it. So in the meantime I'm keeping myself busy with other useful things.

The current build is fairly stable for most people. I've only had one report of crashes. So while it might not be perfect it's certainly good enough for daily use by the general user.

Is there something in particular you'd like fixed?
04/08/2010 4:21am
Is there something in particular you'd like fixed?

Yes, It is word "Beta" in version number.

Make release without "Beta".

And If you want to go on development - make new builds (f.ex. version 2 build 2.25) without beta-status. Beta-status - is status for non commercial (development) products

Best regards.
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