Gtk Progress
Date: 30/6/2010


Most of the keyboard and mouse functionality is working. Painting windows is much improved. The skin engine is painting controls. Overall things are quite functional, but there are still broken things, like combo boxes on dialog seems to mess things up. And the account preview just seems to hang and go nowhere.
11/07/2010 7:33am
It's beautiful, but doesn't seem like a GTK app at all!
11/07/2010 7:51am
It's using GTK as a thin layer between Lgi and the OS. Because Lgi has it's own layout system it doesn't use the GTK layout at all, and because all the widgets already draw themselves it doesn't use GTK widgets either. Thus it looks and feels the same as the windows and mac versions. This is the fastest way for me to get something working. I expect that in time there may be a way to get some "native" GTK controls co-habitating with Lgi controls, which would give it a more GTK look.

At the moment it's quite usable except for the combo boxes refusing to work on dialogs. Which is a bit of a show stopper. Other than that it would be easy to release something in a week or so. But I'm afraid I've already tried a lot of things to fix that issue and it might be a limitation of the GTK implementation. It seems the GTK app dev mailing list is not interested in helping me at all. So I'll just have to muddle through myself.
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