IMAP in Scribe
Date: 14/10/2009
So for the last few weeks I've been using IMAP(full) in Scribe for one of my accounts and it's now getting to the point where it's usable day to day for reading and organizing mail. Which is probably a first. It does cache all the mail locally on disk so it operates offline as well. However in the cold hard light of day I expect there is still a long way to go till it's production ready. In that there are going to be lots of little things that you expect to work but just er... don't.

For instance I'm not allowing you to move folders at the moment, because it's messy and painful code to write. Basically you have to make a new IMAP folder and then copy all the items across and delete the old folder. I don't thing there is such thing as "move" in the IMAP protocol unfortunately. Also copying mail between IMAP folders and Mail2/Mail3 folders is not working at the moment, just because I haven't had time to fix it yet, when I get that sorted out I'll post a release (i.e. in a few days to a week). It also remains to be seen how well it copes with slow connections and lots of emails/folders.

But anyway I feel like I'm really getting somewhere at the moment. So I thought I'd share. Btw it doesn't totally choke on a mailbox of 21,000 email. It's slow but it doesn't die completely. I guess thats a good sign.
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