Linux Update
Date: 10/12/2002
Things are starting to move forward again on the Linux port. So I thought I'd just write an update.
After some long hard hours with Xrender I've got Xft (TTF) font display working at a basic level. This means that I can output proper unicode text in X11, which is something sadly lacking in the legacy X11 text functionality.

This means that to use Scribe in the way intended you need a modern version of X, with Xrender/Xft. Otherwise you won't get international character support, only support for ASCII chars via the legacy X11 text api's. As the code will fallback to standard X11 bitmap fonts if for whatever reason Xrender isn't available. I'll probably put a warning dialog to this effect in the case that the fallback is required.

With unicode text working I'll finally be able to test all the translations of Scribe's UI.

With my current schedule there should be a new Linux release this year. Although it's going to be more incremental than people might expect since I havn't had much time to work on it. The key new features will be the unicode fonts and drag'n'drop.

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