Svn Repository
Date: 21/11/2008
Something has corrupted my Svn Repository and it's unrecoverable. Most recent backup is 3 months old, and I still have recent checkout's of most of my apps so I don't think I'll actually lose anything other than the hours of sorting out the mess.
  • Checkout old copy.
  • Merge changes from working copy (I love you WinMerge!).
  • Check for new files/folders, add them to svn.
  • Check that it builds.
  • Commit up to date copy.
  • Repeat for all known checkouts (there are a 100 or so!)

Not what I wanted to do today. I plan to make more frequent backups too. In fact I have mostly finished writing a backup application which I'll be launching before year's end. I should've made sure that was live last week, but who knew?
21/11/2008 8:59pm
So, the question is, do you add version information to your backup application so that you can have versioned backups of your version control system?
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