Valgrind.... MacOSX.... OH YES OH YES OH YES!
Date: 11/11/2008
Someone has done a preliminary port of Valgrind to MacOSX. It's kinda incomplete and buggy but it exists, which means other devs should get on the wagon and get it to production level soon enough.

This is just awesome news. Valgrind is a great tool and seeing it come to Mac is very good news for software quality on the Mac. Mine included.

Last night I was looking at a bug in Scribe/Mac, wishing that I had Valgrind. Well now I do! Well... almost, it's Leopard only at this point so it looks like I'll have to finally upgrade from Tiger. I really love Tiger, in my experience it's a lot more stable than Leopard. So I'm hoping the more recent builds of Leopard are better because I really didn't care for the earlier ones.

Valgrind is something I'd pay for. It's that good.
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