Looking for Scribe v1.88 Users
Date: 24/10/2008
I've had some bug reports from people upgrading between v1.88 to v1.89 or v1.90 where the folder names disappear or other problems with accessing their mail and contacts. I want to look into this issue and sort it out, so I've been running v1.88 in parallel with v2 just to collect some mail and try the upgrade myself. So far so good, the upgrade is perfect, all email, folders and so on usable in later version (although I can't open the upgraded folders in v1.88 anymore).

If you have some mail folders from v1.88 that you haven't opened in a more recent version that doesn't have anything too confidential that you wouldn't mind donating a copy of to improve the Scribe software I'd be interested. Especially if it doesn't upgrade well. To test if it upgrades well or not, MAKE A COPY of your Scribe folder, install a later version (i.e. the latest v1.90 build) into that copied folder and run the new version. If there are problems then you can help! Drop me an email and we'll sort out something in terms of file transfer. If you zip the OLD v1.88 folder you'll probably be able to upload it to a free file sharing site (google it) and post me a URL to download.

That way I can sort out the bugs and stop others from experiencing them.
21/11/2008 5:40am
Actually I think the problems happen when people have folders from earlier than v1.88 and have upgraded to v1.88 AND THEN go to v1.89 or later. Because all my tests with folders created in v1.88 show no issues.

But I've been wrong before.
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