Imap / Scribe v2
Date: 2/9/2008
After getting a gentle push to read the docs more carefully from the IMAP protocol mailing list guys I'm close to having an implementation that understand the BODYSTRUCTURE field such that it can be picky about which parts of the email's body to download. In the case that you have an email with a large attachment it seems obvious that the client downloads just the text/html part for display without immediately fetching the attachment. Well thats easier said than done. I've got some code now that extracts the body structure into a XML dom tree and I'm hoping to expose that to the UI layers in Scribe so that I can start picking which bits I need for display instead of fetching the entire body of the message. I'll have to synthesize similar functionality on the mail2 backend but that shouldn't be too much work. It's already half there with the attachments as separate child objects of the email.

However the whole caching model is taking longer than I anticipated to get running smoothly. I keep finding that email is falling through cracks or asserts firing, telling me that something couldn't be found when it really should be there. Clearly it's a non trivial piece of code.

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