Date: 17/10/2002
Some people asked me whether I would ever support buying InScribe via PayPal. Well my answer is a resounding NO.
Up until recently I had no experience with PayPal, sure I'd heard of it and all but never bought/sold anything through their service.

Well that all changed yesterday when I received an email from them suggesting that I go in and update my credit card details because it was about to expire (which is true). Firstly since I have never bought/sold anything through PayPal, how the @#$% do they have my credit card number + expiry date?

Ok fuming, I reply to them, asking them to remove my credit card details from their database etc etc. And so they reply with a canned auto-response about setting up an account and only communicating with them through their "website".

Now I'm even more angry.

Well the card will expire "Real Soon Now" and I havn't noticed any fraud on my statements, although I'm tempted to go over them with a fine tooth comb now. So no harm done I guess. Still PayPal have irretreivable ruined any chance of dealing with me, simply by assuming too much and "pushing" their wares down my throat.


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