Date: 2/2/2008
Lots of things going on. Firstly I made a triple platform release of Scribe this week. I think thats the 2nd one I've ever done. *pats self on back* Hopefully it's a reasonable release quality wise too. Let me know if you have issue (of course).

Secondly I came off my scooter 2 days ago and twisted my ankle and knocked a chip off a bone in my foot. They put on a cast of sorts to stop me moving it around and I'll see the specialist next week to get the full rundown. Not so much fun that. Worst case is 6 weeks in a cast, but I'm prayin that doesn't happen and it's more like 2 weeks for the soft tissues to heal. I've only been riding a year and I grabbed too much front brake in an emergency braking situation, locked the front and it buckled under the bike, over she went. The bike is ok, scratched up a bit but ridable.

Thirdly I've been "production" testing my revamped SMTP client/server which will probably make it's way into the Scribe email client down the track as an end to end SMTP solution (i.e. not reliant on the ISP's SMTP server). It has most of the kinks worked out of it.
02/02/2008 12:44pm
Just curious: Are there any plans to release Scribe/Mac for PPC platform?
02/02/2008 8:55pm
Yes, I just haven't gotten around to making a build yet. Partly because setting up the Mac mini (my only ppc machine) for testing means crawling around behind the table and thats difficult with crutches lol.
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