Scribe/Mac Lack Of Progress
Date: 18/7/2007
Since the recent Win32 releases of Scribe I've been working hard on the Mac port in an attempt to make a similar release. Currently there are a number of really nasty issues in the codebase that I'm struggling to fix. The sort of things that make using the software really annoying. Btw I only have access to my Mac at the moment. So PC dev work is not happening till next week.

The first major issue I've got is that the PostEventToQueue function doesn't always deliver a message. Sometimes it silently fails. This causes the message download code to never get the mail from the worker thread and then the worker thread hangs waiting for the GUI thread to process the downloaded email. It's so dumb. I really hope it's not a bug in Carbon.

Then there is the locking issue, where somewhere in my code I lock the semaphore controlling the options structure and then fail to unlock it at which point things go downhill. I'm slowly getting closer to finding the cause of the issue but it's hard to reproduce so I just have to wait for it to happen... look at the logging then re-instrument the code and re-run it. Wait for it to happen (hours/days?) and then repeat. It's slow and annoying.

So in the name of quality I can't release a Mac build just yet. :(
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