VC++ 6 hangs
Date: 22/5/2007
Oh yes. I've always wondered about these hangs you get in Visual C++ when debugging an application that crashes and then the debugger hangs and soon all your GUI hangs, or at least is going very very slowly. It takes about 5 minutes to open the task manager and kill MSDEV.EXE at which point your system returns to normal. Abeit without what you were working on.

So someone worked it out and posted a (possible?) fix for it: Turn off advanced text systems in the regional settings. Tuff luck if you need that I guess.

One less problem, 9 zillion to go.
02/06/2007 3:50am
Is this what I've been experiencing?
05/06/2007 4:47am
This is a bug in the compiler/OS I use, not the software I write.
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