Date: 2/4/2007
Apparently in the last little while died because the hosting company upgraded to PHP4 and the scripts needed fixing for $_GET["field"] style access. And no one even emailed me that it was down. So it seems that no one is using it to any degree. I've fixed the site as far as I can tell by rewriting the scripts and testing most of the functions (all I had time for).

So I'm going to pull the plug on the hosting. Which will mean that it'll stay up for the better part of a year until the hosting I've already paid for runs out and then it'll lapse. I'll keep the domain indefinately because I'm not having some damn squatter put something offensive on it.

If someone decides they want the service to live on, then they can take up the hosting bills. Which aren't much, something like USD$18/year. Or maybe move it to a different hosting company. Whatever.
Scribe old-timer
02/04/2007 7:16pm
Tried to view site, this is all I got:

mysql_connect failed.

If still working on it, ignore.
02/04/2007 10:10pm
Well it seems that the problems are getting worse not better. I just logged into the admin panel and the database behind the site is completely gone. The morons running the hosting have stuffed it up.

It was running when I posted this blog msg.

I've sent them an email asking them to sort it out.
03/04/2007 11:22am
Ok it's back running again. I got in contact with the hosting support and resolved the issues.
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