Scribe/Mac Alpha 2
Date: 27/3/2007
The 2nd alpha of Scribe for the Mac was released this morning (also known as v1.89 Test15). It should fix all the basic usability issues that the first alpha had so that you can use it for normal emailing. I havn't looked at the calendar at all so I expect there'll be problems there. Also there is an outstanding issue with text measurement where the API reports the size of text is some pixels larger than it actually will draw, leaving a peice of undrawn screen (which I've coloured pink) at the end of a text run. This is just temporary while I work out what the problem is. Just ignore it and it'll go away in a future release.

Thanks for the feedback so far. I'll also stop going on about the progress here on the blog and intergrate the changes into the normal history on the Scribe page. If you want release notifications then create/configure it in an account. Also if you have already done that and get notifications of windows builds, you don't automatically get notifications of Mac builds unless you go and change your preferences to include that platform. Just so you know.
27/03/2007 11:13pm
Works like a charm so far!
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