Scribe/Mac Alpha 1
Date: 26/3/2007
After 2 years of work I released a build of i.Scribe and InScribe for Mac OS X yesterday. And no one had even signed up for a notification email! (So the script broke). Anyway the first bug report is in and...? It doesn't run on 10.4.9 because it can't find the resource 'Scribe.lr8'. Which is weird because it finds that fine on my machines.

Also there are some other issues I'm aware of like, a) the app crashes when entering email for a contact (not sure how I missed that) and b) you can't enter spaces into text fields for some unknown reason. This worked a few days ago, I must've broken it very recently.

So I'll get that all sorted out and post test15 shortly. If your experiencing the 'Scribe.lr8' error message try a logging build from the terminal and send me the output.

For reasons unknown the download size is hovering around 2.1mb which is much larger than either the Windows build (950kb) or the Linux build (1.4mb). I don't know why that is, but if you have any ideas let me know! The binaries are built from more or less the same number of lines of source and sane GCC options so I'm at a loss as to why it's so big. I'm even wondering whether Lgi is being included statically inside the Scribe binary as well as being included as a separate framework. Is that even possible?

Anyway crawl before walk right?
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