Date: 29/1/2007
I created an xcode project for Scribe today. I'm really starting to get a handle on xcode's project system. Most of last week was just working out how to build a product into a shippable download. I'm refining that process this week.

To build Scribe the code required a bit of clean up. Most prominant was getting the scripting engine to build without using wide string literals, i.e. L"some string". That works on windows but not on Mac because the API is expect utf-16 and the compiler generates utf-32 string literals. Nice eh?

So I've got my Scribe project building and I ran it up for the first time. It got as far as the language selection dialog and all of the internation characters were missing. But the flags were there :) Then it asserted just after that so I didn't get to see the main window. Also the fonts look awful since I implemented GetSystemFont correctly. I must fix the global drawing context for ATSUI.

So the work continues.
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