Smoke Test
Date: 25/1/2007
Can someone with a PPC Mac download this app and see if it runs?

Update: Ok, the first attempt was a failure. But I've worked out how to embed a framework in a bundle after much head scratching and reading copious amounts of documentation.

So the download link is the same, but I've updated the file it points to. Have at it then!
24/01/2007 8:02am
I will! Tonight, when I am home. (Alas, the time-difference.)
24/01/2007 10:05am
I got the Lgi framework setup wrong, so it won't run. I'm still reading up on what I need to do to fix it.
24/01/2007 11:26pm
Darn. You're right. As always. But it is nice though, to see the i-FTP-icon on a Mac :-)
25/01/2007 10:39am
Mac Mini G4/1.5 GHz

Lgi library copied into /Users/matthew/... and i.Ftp started
"manually" from

No internet connection at home so no usability test :-(

*** Error ocured when acessing Help/About.

Script started on Wed Jan 24 18:34:02 2007
[] dansa% ./i.Ftp

i.Ftp v2.00
GFile::Open failed
open(/Users/dansa/Desktop/2007-01-24/options.xml,00000000) = -1
errno=ENOENT (No such file or directory)
Loading '/Users/dansa/Desktop/2007-01-24/'
Loading '/Users/dansa/Desktop/2007-01-24/'
GFile::Open failed
open(/etc/fstab,00000000) = -1
errno=ENOENT (No such file or directory)
Loading '/Users/dansa/Desktop/2007-01-24/'
/Users/matthew/Code/Lgi/src/common/Lgi/GDragAndDrop.cpp:1067 - Error
Starting RunApplicationEventLoop...
Bus error
[] dansa% exit

Script done on Wed Jan 24 18:34:20 2007
25/01/2007 10:24pm
I don't know what it all says, but to make a long story short: indeed, it didn't run.
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