Date: 23/1/2007
Ok context menus are working. I had to catch the message received in the owning window and route it back to GMenu::Float instead of receiving the value back from ContextualMenuSelect. Someone from the carbon-dev list helped me out there.

Then the menus were coming up in the wrong place... had to get the x,y ordering right to initialize the Point variable. Fixed.

Then the combobox menus were coming up in weird places. Which was due to a bug in GView::PointToScreen(...). Fixed.

Then fixed a bug in i.Ftp that would send you to ".." when you use the context menu command "Change Dir" on the ".." entry. Which wasn't related to Lgi and the Mac port, but a bug none-the-less.

Now there is a little issue with the saving and restoring of account information in the connect dialog. And after that a little more testing to make sure the basic functionality is working and then I'll release it.

I'm also looking for some good documentation on how to build a .dmg to distribute the application.

Reeeeeeaally close now :)
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