Mac Port Update
Date: 22/1/2007
So I've got the scrollbars all sorted out. They paint correctly and work when you click on them. I havn't implemented any sort of mouse capture yet but it's good enough for a beta release.

Then I noticed that the context menus don't work, so I implemented GView::GetMouse and then everything just stopped working. This was because the mouse hook thread was hanging. So I've disabled that for the moment, as it doesn't add any important functionality for a beta release. My current issue with the contextual menus is that when I call ContextualMenuSelect it shows the menu fine, and I can click on an item and it flashes briefly but then it returns userCanceledErr (-128). There must be something I'm not adding to the menu items I guess. I've posted on the carbon dev list about it and hopefully someone will know the answer.

Still hoping to scrape in by the end of Jan.
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