Mac Port Progress
Date: 21/1/2007
I struggled with getting the mouse handling to work at the same time as resizing the window, but after several hours I've got it sorted. Turns out that I need to detect the mouse being inside the title bar OR the resize box and return "not handled" otherwise I need to handle the click and return "no error" for things like up clicks AND resizing to work correctly. The docs were less than complete in that regards.

The point of that little diversion was getting the scrollbars working. Initially I thought that I hadn't implemented a native control, but no I had actually already put in place the X-platform control. What was going on was that I hadn't hooked up the layout control to actually ATTACH the scroll bars... yeah ok moving on. So now that is sorted out but I had to fix it crashing when the scrollbar is removed.

So now I need to get the scrollbars painting properly... they are all out of alignment with the parent window right now and then maybe things will be ready for packaging.


I say maybe because everytime I think I'm getting really close I find some other show stopping bug. I think I'll make the first release a zip or something so I don't have to waste more time figuring out .dmg files. Unless they are like 5 minutes of work...?
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