Mac Porting Update
Date: 18/1/2007
Ok, I think I'm down to a few days away from my first Mac software release.

Porting of the menus is now complete and just needs a little testing. As usual this would've been quicker but the documentation wasn't covering what I needed. I'm starting to appreciate the MSDN documentation, because it does cover that much more detail than almost anyone else.

Then late in the game I realised that I'd have to do something about the scrollbar situation before I shipped a build, so I'll plonk in the X-platform code from the Linux build because that'll be least painful and fast.

Finally I'll have to figure out how to release software for the Mac. i.e. Creating .dmg files, building universal binaries... you know "little stuff".

Once I have a build of Mac/i.Ftp in the wild it'll be full steam into the Scribe port. i.Ftp is a much smaller application in which to test Lgi ports with, so I use that for the most part then compile all the other apps when I know I've got the basics sorted out.

I will be adding native ports of the various controls in time. It's quicker to use the X-platform versions in the short term.
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