Scribe Final
Date: 15/1/2007
I plan to ship the final build of Scribe v1.89 this month. Left to do is:
  • Window position saving/restoring still a bit flakey.
  • Recurring calendar events. This is mostly backend changes now.
  • There was some problem reported some time ago, where if you have a language other than english selected Scribe creates a duplicated folders everytime you start the program. I can't find more info on this, or reproduce it so let me know if it's happened to you.
I've rewritten the 3 utilities at the bottom of the tools menu as scripts and they will ship with the final release. This will give people an introduction by way of example on how easy it is to script things in Scribe.

If you involved in any of the translations and have outstanding work I will most likely post a Test12 a few days before the final release so that you can translate any final UI elements I add.
31/01/2007 8:06pm
Any progress/work on the change to standard mailbox format? Or is that idea abandoned?
01/02/2007 12:32am
Rien: No the idea hasn't been abandoned, I'm just working on getting a final release of v1.89 out on Windows / Linux and the ports of various programs to the Mac released. That actually might take some time. But once that is out of the way I'll be straight into refactoring the back end database for mail and contacts. It's the big project for this year, it's not going to go away quietly.
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