Date: 11/1/2007
I just got i.Ftp running on Mac OS X to connect to an FTP site for the first time. So it's been a long and painful journey but I can taste how close I am to an alpha release.

What was a nice surprise, is that threading just worked, first time. I ended up just using the existing pthreads implementation from the Linux port and it compiled and worked without any edits whatsoever. Well at least it runs in the simple case. The timers are based on threading so they now work as well. The socket code was a straight port from the Linux/BSD implementation and that worked first go as well. Freaky.

So now all thats left to do for a basic release is.... duh da daaa! Menus. Icky icky menus. Oh well better get cracking. I'm still on track to release something this month.

12/01/2007 8:23am
Great! I've got a MiniMac waiting for this!
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