Five(ish) Things
Date: 1/1/2007
In the spirit of new year introspectiveness I present fiveish things.
  1. Recording music with/for friends.
  2. a) Drawing, although I still dable, b) Drifting a RWD car.
  3. a) Perfect pitch for writing and playing music more fluently and getting myself fit and healthy, because without energy and stamina I'll never get anywhere great. b) I would love to imbibe some of the mental state that Nuno was/is in when he plays and writes. I've probably been playing the same amount of time that he had when he recorded his seminal works, and yet I'm not even close to being able to pull off those sorts of songs. (Apparently he lives less than 100km away from me right now!?! Who knows it could actually happen)
  4. a) Creative, Geeky, Independant. b) Generous, Prolific.
  5. If someone summed up your entire life in one paragraph do you think you'd be happy with what it would say?
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