Wheres me freshly baked Scribe?
Date: 22/9/2006
Well. Yeah I'm tracking down a crash in the filtering that happens a lot at the moment for me. Some pointer in a list gets corrupted after much filtering. Initially I thought that valgrind would sort this out pretty quick smart. So I fired that up and ran it through. Found lots of "other" bugs that I fixed but not the filtering crash.


Also I havn't had a chance to find some straight SSL (not STARTTLS) email servers to test the new SSL code in Scribe. So that feature is not ready yet.

Which means there is little point making a release right now.

To top it off my RSI is verging on getting nasty again. So I'm really limiting my time on the keyboard to avoid a meltdown. Which is just so frustrating, the mind is willing but the body is just not able.
24/09/2006 7:46pm
ive lost all my software how can i send songs from my music to my v3x via a standard usb? thanx
24/09/2006 8:52pm
What? Does the previous post make sense to anyone? In context, I mean.
26/09/2006 9:10pm
The last post was about his new Motorola v3x. Perhaps that's why?
26/09/2006 10:34pm
He posted the same question in the comments of that blog post as well, so maybe he just got confused.
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