Partition Magic Is Hopeless
Date: 14/9/2006
Let me just say that I used to love Partition Magic. Well the smoke must have got out because Partition Magic has completely sucked for me lately. I tried to delete a Linux swap partition and it dies with Error #510. Which maps to like "unsupported newer version of file system". So I found this other tool that completely rocks for deleting partitions: Windows -> Control Panel -> Administration Tools -> Disk Manager! ;)

It's like 'instant' and then I could go back into Partition Magic and create a new partition in the unallocated space left by the deleted partitions. Only to have it fail to create a FAT32 partition (how hard can that be?) with some other error. And then fail to resize an NTFS partition with a new error again. It's like totally useless for anything.

  • Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Partition Magic -> Uninstall.
  • Download GParted -> Nero -> Burn Image.

    I got around to actually using GParted last night and it was a little tricky to get booted, didn't like my nVidia card or something, so I used the alternate x server. Then it told me the NTFS partition I wanted to resize had too many errors, so I reboot into windows and fix them. Then back into GParted and I resize the partition, and the progress bar comes up with task "1 of 1" and "14 minutes remaining"... Cool! Thats awesome. I wait 14 minutes and it's doing something... great... almost done... and? ...and? Task "1 of 1", new progress bar: "2hrs 20minutes remaining". Huh? Nooooooo! What? No!!! Argh, partition resizing is not like something you should click that "Cancel" button on. So it's like resizing a 30gb partition to 50gb. And it's a fast disk right... 7200rpm and so on. It ended up clocking in at about 3.5mb/sec, which is kinda slow, I really was expecting better than that.

    You know what I should have done? Well I'd backed up all the data on to my firewire drive anyway. I should have just blown away the partition, recreated it at the new size/position and copied all the data back again. Would have taken 30 minutes for the copy instead of hours.
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