Scribe On Linux Issue
Date: 6/7/2006
I've been working on the Linux build, getting it to build and run on Suse 10, which is my latest distro. Suse 10 comes with GCC 4 so I had to fix all the build errors that had appeared since I last compiled on GCC 3.x, which took a while. Then I had to fix the keyboard input. The #1 complaint about the Linux version is that is doesn't support international keyboard input properly, so I finally found a way of adding support for that without going insane. The documentation is beyond hopeless with regards to XIM (X Input Manager) and this has prevented me from adding support for XIM for about 3 years now. So this time round I just had a look at an existing implementation and copied it. The implementation that was easiest to understand was SDL, I had tried to extract a usage example from KDE back in the day but that was fairly futile. SDL is much simpler and I got what I needed fairly easily. Now Lgi supports XIM, or more to the point uses it all the time. I expect this will mean that older distros aren't supported but I care little for backwards compatibility in the Linux world. Linux is so backward that the "current" setup is just barely good enough. Thus you have to have FontConfig, XRENDER, XIM to run any current Lgi apps. I'm not going to support X fonts or the old X keyboard input that belong in the '80s. We are in 2006 now upgrade or die! ;)

Anyway, it came to my attention that Scribe can hit the 1024 open files limit quite easily in Linux. So you had 1300 mail in your POP account and you try and download it all, Scribe opens a file handle for each one, all at the same time. Now I could fix this now, but it would delay the test4 release, and for most users you rarely have to download that many mail at once. Is this a showstopper? Or should I just release now and fix it later? I guess users could just change the limit if it effects them. The ulimit command can change that limit if you have super user rights (I think).

06/07/2006 11:30am
I think you could just release now and fix later.
1024 new mail is big enough I think, and people with more than that
should just not 'test' this version.

It is always a test version, we always keep backup ...

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