Filter UI
Date: 5/6/2006
Last night I ripped out the UI for conditions in Filters and replaced it with the slick new UI that I wrote last year. I've updated it and intergrated it into the application and it looks and works great. The UI is serialized into XML which is stored as a new property field in the existing filter object. Old filters are upgraded transparently to the new format when you save them. So there is some lack of backward compatibility, i.e. if you save a filter in the new version of Scribe and then try and view it in an old version all the conditions will disappear. Oh well, at least it won't crash or misbehave beyond that. All I need to do now is hook up the new condition data to the code that evaluates the conditions against an email.

I'm thinking about actually letting the user export/import filters to XML files. Some benifits of being able to do that would be allowing groups of users distribute their custom filters, backup/restore and maybe evan scripting/automation of filters down the track.

The filter UI will also effect the find/search window, which I haven't even started on yet. But chances are I'll get to it this week.
05/06/2006 11:57am
Good news, I can stand waiting to test it.

It is always fun to try new (updated) functionalities.

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