Scribe Release
Date: 29/5/2006
It's time for a new release of Scribe as the change list has become long and a) it needs testing and b) people need the fixes contained therein. If you have some outstanding issue that isn't addressed in the change list that you want to remind me of, you have about 24 hours to tell me about it. I think I've covered everything but feel free to correct me if I've overlooked something. Also if your a translator, now would be a good time to send me any edits to your translation.

I'm going to test things for a day, let the last few changes get some exercise and make a release tomorrow night if no show stoppers appear.
30/05/2006 4:53am

I'm excited about the new release and certainly don't want to delay it - have a couple of really minor issues I didn't see in the changelog, but that could also wait for the next test-version if it takes too much to implement now. All have been mentioned in the forum already:

- expandable "From" field in outgoing mails, remembering its last state

- cursor should hop to the "Filter Name" field when opening the New Filter window

- blinking envelope issue

- order of adressees (1- to, 2- CC, 3- BCC)

Good luck!

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