Zeta Install
Date: 26/5/2006
Well the old dual 400 machine I built the other night is now running Zeta RC3. Apart from some hiccups getting it to install I'm pleasantly surprised by a few things:
  • Network worked out of the box, just had to set DHCP.
  • There is a reasonably current build of Firefox for it.
  • ssh is installed and works!
  • svn installs and works!
So I checked out the Lgi codebase and tried compiling it. Hahah.. what a huge long list of (weird) errors.

I really struggled getting Zeta to run on my main machine (nvidia support), I should try it on the new system sometime. But having a old compatible system is good too. Means I might get some work done in Zeta again. Previously I was pretty ticked that svn didn't work. Now that it does, I'm in a more forgiving mood. However I still remember all too well how lame bdb is.
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