Export To Scribe Folders
Date: 11/5/2006
For all of you wailing and gnashing your teeth over the delay of the "export to mail2" function then fret not, it is underway. Tonight I built all the UI and tested it. It's very similar to the Outlook Imp/Exp UI except it's tweaked slightly to reference a folder file rather than a profile. The settings persist between sessions so that once you have set up your export config, re-running it is simple as F7, Enter. And you would want that because the export replicates the data, so that you don't get dupelicates everywhere. I'm trying to aim this at people who want to take a lightweight email client with them on a USB key and then when they get home upload all the mail they received while away to their main install of Scribe. Amongst other things.

The external folders load nicely and I'm now ready to write the backend that does the real work. But I'm getting too tired to work on that tonight. Maybe... this weekend. Maybe.
11/05/2006 4:01pm
Yes, my teeth are nearly worn down. I was wondering if it will be possible with this export function to export particular folders e.g. "sent" or "archives" or will it be simply the whole mail2 folder?
11/05/2006 9:17pm
There is the option to specify a list of folders. So you can choose what is exported... seriously, check out the Outlook import, it looks very similar.
11/05/2006 9:27pm
That's great ! Thanks fret.
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