Known Feature Requests
Date: 19/4/2006
I've been getting a bunch of similar feature requests for Scribe that I have already planned to implement for v1.89-test2 so I thought I'd just mention that bugzilla is the right place to check for existing feature requests and track their progress.

So the main points for the next release(s) are:
  • #91: Mail will be passed from the connection thread to the GUI thread during receive not at the end.
  • #92: Account preview will list new mail first, and may cache old headers as well.
  • #93: There will be a function to replicate Scribe folders to another mail2 file. This most likely will allow either a subset of folders to be replicated or all the folders, similar to the Outlook replication tool.
These seem to the functions people are missing the most.
20/04/2006 5:17pm
These will certainly be major enhancements - and I'm waiting impatiently for a new test release!

Besides those mentioned above, I still would have a couple of suggestions for really minor issues, mainly for beauty and ease of use (like the already mentioned blinking envelope, the cursor in Filter Name ... but I have a couple of others not mentioned yet ...).

This bugzilla thing seems too heavy, one has to create an account and for such minor issues I feel it's not worth to open a ticket each. What do you suggest? Do it there nevertheless, or post in the forum?

Keep up the great work!
20/04/2006 11:05pm
Well despite last night being highly unproductive, #91 and #92 seem to be in the bag. I'll test today and might get some action on #93 tonight.
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