Linux Builds
Date: 14/4/2006
I've just spent most of the night checking out the codebase and building Lgi, LgiIde and i.File on linux. The xml project files are still very platform dependant so I'm making version for Linux and Cygwin and their associated Makefiles for the upcoming Lgi release. I'm also fixing various things that broke in the latest round of changes I'm doing for Scribe v1.89 test2. My aim is to do the next release of Scribe on Win32 and Linux at the same time. There are a bunch of Linux builds that need doing for other apps, i.Ftp, i.Hex and so on.

Currently I have Fedora 4 on my machine. And after booting between Windows and Fedora several times tonight it does highlight just how slow Linux's GUI is and also the boot/shutdown times. I guess you get what you pay for. All the classic Linux pain was still there. I had to learn how to use Yum... yet another annoying command line package utility (however it did, surprisingly, do what I asked of it). I couldn't play xvid movies out of the box. Mounting my windows drives was still all command line voodoo instead of some nice GUI tool. Ntfs drivers weren't installed by default. And the screen was shifted 16px off the right edge of the LCD. *sigh* Linux still sucks. I'm glad I have a Mac now. It makes me happy.

I will however make some small token attempt to intergrate with Gnome for font settings and mime->application lookup. No promises though. (The current Lgi codebase looks for KDE settings)
25/04/2006 2:51pm
A little disapointed at your second paragraph... Two issues really.

1) I think the 'Linux sucks' should probably read 'Fedora Core 4 does not meet my needs/wants'.

2) Try OpenSuSE 10.0 ( or Mandriva 2006 ( for a far better outing with a Linux based operating system.

25/04/2006 11:11pm

1) But that'd be so ah... politically correct. And I'm not that politically correct.

2) Sure that sounds fine for my own needs. But I'm also trying to keep in mind what the bulk of my users will be using. If I build binaries on a really common distro then my users are less likely to have issues running on their distro. That may be flawed logic but nonetheless thats what I was thinking when I chose Fedora.
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