Scribe v1.89 Test1 Release Notes
Date: 28/3/2006
Well it's done. I'm not making any promises on code quality or memory usage though. I've seen some problems in the few days of testing the final codebase but no bugs, just optimization issues. However thats mostly tied to the use of the new incremental bayesian word database updates. This feature is off by default, due to concerns about speed but you can turn it on in the bayesian settings dialog. It updates the word databases on the fly as you read your email and bin stuff as spam.

It's a little slow at times on older hardware, on my 1.4ghz/512mb machine it gets in the way of usability but on the 3.06ghz/2gb machine it's not noticable at all. The backend of the word DB's is currently a Btree but I'm thinking of playing with Sqlite as the backend and see what the performance is like.

Sometimes it uses upwards 40mb of memory too, but I havn't reproduced this yet. Usually it uses about 3-4mb. Let me know your experiences with the new bayesian filter.

You need to rebuild your word lists at least once with v1.89 to initialize the new format files, and then either use the incremental updates or the regular way of rebuilding the lists every so often.

There is also a number of API changes that have bubbled changes throughout the code base, and while it's been running well for me in the last month it could mean that rarely used functions are still broken. It's a monumental task to try every menu option, command, filter condition/action and type of email and connection available in the software. So I'm relying somewhat on the user base for feedback.

I ripped out the old XML parser which has a side effect of meaning the format of the lgi.conf has changed a little. All the lgi.conf options that had a "." in the element name should be converted to "-", so "font.fixed" becomes "font-fixed" etc.

Looking forward to your comments.
28/03/2006 7:09am
I cant get the spam filter to recognize the spam altready in my spam folder.

shal we move to Bugzilla, or remain in the blog?

step1: I manually created a /SPAM folder (subfolder of Mailbox, not subfolder of inbox),

2: set the Bayesian to training mode, indicated the SPAM folder and set the incremental update to active.

3: imported some spam the spam folder, and some ham to other subfolder. (drag and drop from explorer)

4: rebuild word list command. result hamlist grows (to 16 KB), spamlist remains empty (3KB, no readable words (wordpad))

5: recieved an email (pop3, not dnd), and classified as spam.

6: email is placed in the spam folder, and words in that email are added to spamwords(.idx)

7: other emails in the spam folder still not in the spamlist.

8: when i manually select rebuild word list, the spamwords.idx goes empty again.

28/03/2006 7:10am
did not mean to do that (post twice) i just hit refresh after the first message was already posted
28/03/2006 7:20am
this is weird.

i thought perhaps the spam folder should be a subdir of the inbox, so i created that (subdir of inbox called spam), deleted the subdir of mailbox called spam, and pointed bayesian training to the new folder.

when i now select rebuild list the filter creates a subdir of mailbox called Spam (the training mode setting still says: "/inbox/spam")

When i now fill that folder (subdir of mailbox), and select rebuild, the spamwords.idx IS filled.

(note: in the first post i made, i pointed out that the incoming message i declared spam did move the the correct manually created SPAM folder, but no list was created, indicating that the training mode had some idea of the folder to use)
28/03/2006 8:00pm

glad to see a new version!

Could you pls rapidly tell us how to upgrade an existing InScribe installation? I've tried to copy just the folders.mail2 in the new directory, but my accounts and identities don't show up. What else do I need to copy?

Thx for a rapid answer!
28/03/2006 9:51pm
Chris: You need the scribe.r file from your old install as well.
30/03/2006 7:21am
after getting my filter settings right (thank you fret) i eagerly awaited my first piece of spam. I dont get that many (thank you ISP), and most come at night for me, being in europe, and much spam comming from USA (is the only explanation i can think of)

anyway, i got one. ahh... Filter missed it, wel as i said, i dont have that many so still in training mode.

i analyze the selected mail: adress is in my whilelist!?!?!?!?
What is that about?
Seems i am sending myself spam, according to the from adress.

Well... they are not stupid people, these spammers. (Wilma, the corporate indentity wizard, apparently in this case)
30/03/2006 10:03am
Thx, fret,

for the info about scribe.r - got it now upgraded.

However, I have a reproducable error with my google account (and yes, I have checked that the plugin is installed correctly). When trying to check for mail on google, I always get this error:

Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005

Call stack:
004A49AD: O:\progs\_browse\Scribe\Scribe.exe Offset: 0x1B7BE (Accountlet::IsCheckDialup)
77C3A3B0: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt.dll Offset: 0xA9 (endthreadex)
7C80B50B: C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll Offset: 0x1B4 (GetModuleFileNameA)

... and the the the prog shuts down. Anybody else having this phenomenon?

I also have a comment on the new filter function, but I'll post that in the concerned thread that I had once started.

30/03/2006 10:20am
I had that too, using the same (corectly installed) ssl plugin as i used for 1.88

to be sure i had the latest version i redownloaded the plugin.
found a 404 Not Found error when linking from the gmail tutorial, but found a working ssl plugin here

in the 1.89 folder.
It seems there is a new ssl version, but i cannot be sure.
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