XP Has Left The Building
Date: 18/2/2006
My wintel box no longer boots XP. It gets past the "Starting XP" progress bar (in VGA on black) and then just before getting to the login screen all activity ceases with just a black screen. Nice.

Precipitating factor was that I had the machine spontaneously reboot while encoding with Auto Gordian Knot. I thought nothing of it, but when it tried to come back up, no dice. It boots in safe mode but I don't know what to frig with to fix the problem. I did boot once just after I turned off the firewire drive. But it's still off and booting fails.

Oh well, my trusty sidekick Mac mini will save the day. But I won't be getting any work done or read any email while the PC is dead. So don't expect anything much from me this week.

It's time to reinstall XP anyway. Thank you God that I have a hardware firewall :)
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