Mpeg2 Non-Destructive Editing Workflow
Date: 27/1/2006
I am in the process of editing out duplicate scenes in 6+ hours of DVD format MPEG2 files. Joy!

And at the moment the workflow consists of:
  • Load file in to Media Player Classic and write down rough start/end points of each duplicate scene.
  • Load PVAStrumento to demux the MPEG2 stream into separate video and audio.
  • Load these files into Cuttermaran and mark all the in/out points in the file. Generally the "in" point marks the beginning of a part you want to keep and the "out" point marks the end. You should not make the out point the first I frame of the next scene but rather the last B or P frame of the previous scene, otherwise you get a 1 frame flicker of that scene at the out point.
  • Then as I'm saving the edited video in Cuttermaran I ask it to remux the streams together.

This seams to provide excellent results but it is somewhat time consuming. Is there a better way to delete scenes in MPEG2 without re-encoding any video? (No shareware or warez please)
Scott W.
27/01/2006 11:35am
Try using VirtualDub, I've used it successfully for AVI files. It says it supports MPEG, although I haven't tried that yet.
27/01/2006 12:09pm
VirtualDubMod has aditional support for MPEG. But basically is the same thing. The only "best" is you can make a list of In/OUT while viewing and then start the chopping process.
27/01/2006 9:23pm
I searched for just such a thing for months (and still keep my eyes open). It seems that the problem stems from the fact that the Mpeg2 codec is so tightly licensed that reading (like in VDubMod) can be done, but writing is restricted.

VirtualDubMod will only READ mpeg files. It writes AVI.

I needed to edit 16+ hours of home-movies and take out little chunks here and there where the camera had been left on or the tape accidently fast-forwarded. I never found a freeware solution that didn't take way too much effort or consume huge chunks of time to make a 30-second cut.

I finally had to go with a shareware solution and have been much happier.
Scott W.
12/02/2006 1:44pm
What is the shareware solution that you are happy with?
13/02/2006 1:01am
VideoReDo <>

It also "cleans" files so they don't go out of synch.
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