Date: 16/11/2005
Everytime I open iTunes it askes me to find the files in my play lists. Eh? What you say iTunes? The files are in the same damn spot they were last time. iTunes is teh Suck!

So I thought google will fix this for me. After consulting google (who failed me) I found this. Which sure makes for interesting reading. I want to believe all that crap about the labels screwing the musicians but there are a few little problems with their anti-label rhetoric. Lets see:
  • making music costs money.
  • artists generally need support while writing/recording, that costs money.
  • getting artists "out there" costs money.
  • labels pay for all that, they should get a cut.
downhillbattle don't really get it, they want the muso's to get a better deal and want to screw the labels. But there wouldn't be any "art" if not for the labels. Imagine if you will that Coldplay had no label to pay for their recording and advertising. They'd still be play pubs in the UK, appreciated by a few half-drunk brits.

I know the cost of recording is now a lot lower with the advent of modern gear, but advertising is still a major part of the visibility of an up and coming artist. A great artist with no money is not going to connect with many people by selling direct over the 'net. They don't produce fantastic recordings because of budget issues, and even if they leap frog that issue they don't get seen by anyone. Labels still have a part to play, and they shouldn't be cut out of the picture.

That said I would think twice about signing up with a label. As a muso myself I would try and go with a small independant label that wants to spend very conservatively and has their head screwed on straight.
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