Scribe Update
Date: 27/9/2005
Just a quick note, I've cleared my internal list of Scribe issues that I wanted to fix for the next release. So hopefully tonight I'll get a new build out.

The last of them was the spell checker clearing the document when no changes were made, or crashing the client. I'm afraid that C/C++ memory management bit me in the bum again. I wish there was a better language that I could port to, but rewriting all the existing code isn't really an option. Something with garbage collection.

So apart from Bug #4 which I have no leads or method of reproduction I'm pretty happy about this upcoming release. I'm really pushing for stability right now, and once I get v1.88 stable out I'm going to hammer on the rest of the major bugs/mis-features of IMAP and bayesian filtering. Which I'm sure a whole bunch of you will be happy about.
27/09/2005 11:12pm
I am looking forward to the next stable release so I can upgrade. I don't want you to release it before it's ready, though. Just... I don't know, get less sleep or something. Heh.
27/09/2005 11:55pm
I'm hoping this release (test13) is pretty close to stable. If I don't get many bug reports over the next 2-3 weeks then I'll make test13 stable and move on to v1.89
28/09/2005 11:25am
I see you have a clear roadmap and action plan.
I just wanted to know when you are planning to implement your famous Graphical Filter Editor ?
I know it is not your highest priority, but I'd like to know if it is in a couple of month or of years.

Nevertheless, good job for this release, I'm using the test versions, and it is very stable for me. Thank you.
28/09/2005 9:17pm
It's something I plan to add in the next developement cycle, i.e. 1.89, which if test13 proves to be stable should be quite soon. I'm not doing anymore features for v1.88... just fixes.
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