Apple = Good, Quicktime = Bad
Date: 26/9/2005
Almost everything that Apple do is great, their computers rock, the ipod is insane (esp the nano) and their OS looks the bomb!

But the achilles heal of Apple is Quicktime. Now in an exciting new flavour of "Bloated(TM)"! While using Quicktime your desktop icons will flicker, your Movie won't play automatically, the player will chew 20mb before it even starts playing content, it will fail to download new components and it will hang your browser. It will fail to close when you hit Alt-F4 and the close 'x' on the (non-standard) decor won't work either. You'll be reaching for the Task Manager to kill the sucka because you've reached the end of your patience.

I believe the browser hanging issue is simply because it was trying to get some missing component off the web, and of course was in "embedded" mode and couldn't stick up some sort of "Help I've fallen and can't get up!" message. But why it needs to hang the whole browser instead of just return an error code is beyond me.

But don't worry Apple will release a new, better, bigger and more buggy version is just a few more months! And then it'll put 2 "Quicktime" icons in your "Open With..." menu, both of which point to the new crap version. Just in case you missed the first one.

Not to mention that they jam frickin iTunes down your throat sideways. Bloating out the download, chewing HD and pissing people off.

If you want to use a real media player, get Media Player Classic. Which is good, because once you have installed Quicktime to get the codecs, Media Player Classic can play all the Quicktime movies anyway.
02/11/2005 7:17pm
The site links to downloads of alternatives to Quicktime and RealPlayer, both of which bundle Media Player Classic. Th mighty IrfanView does a reasonable job with most still and moving formats too.
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