Scribe Crash
Date: 24/6/2005
The current bug blocking Scribe v1.88 going stable is a crash related to attachments. Somehow during attaching files to an email something goes wrong and when you send it or close the window it crashes. If you can reproduce that at will then I'd like to hear from you.

I suspect that something is creating an extra message loop on top of the email window's message handler, like maybe TrackPopupMenu or a modal dialog. And then for some reason while that is running the mail window is closed, and when the message loop returns to the underlying mail window message handler, it has already been deleted and it crashes with a corrupt stack or invalid memory access.

So far I've checked that I've correctly parented the attach file dialog and the popup menu tracking. So I don't see how it's possible but there must be a way of breaking it because people keep sending me crash reports about it. I havn't been able to work out how to reproduce it as yet, so if you have any relevant information let me know... please!

Another related problem is that when you double click a (usually large) attachment Scribe can crash. It's a similar sort of issue, i.e. after running the OnClick handler the window has been deleted and an invalid memory reference occurs. I've seen this once or twice myself but can't reproduce it.
24/06/2005 3:26am

Hello Matt,

This large e-mail crash has been around for a long time. I an e-mail automatically generated from our server every month. The file is usually about 2 Mb. I can view the e-mail fine in the preview window. When I double click the e-mail to open it up in a window scribe freezes and then silently goes away after a while.

Note that there is no attachment involved. It is simply a large text file. I am not sure I can provide you with much more information other than I can make scribe crash fairly reliably.

Hope this helps.
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