Bruised Ego More Than Car
Date: 28/2/2005
This is what happens when your tired, in a rush and not paying enough attention:

The dull sound of impacting metal is probably all familiar to our ears. But still it's surprisingly distasteful. I was entering an intersection from a very steep upward hill and looked right as I was approaching, then when I reached the threshold I saw a car off to the left that was moving very slowly. I took a lot longer than normal to decide whether to go before that car or wait for it because it wasn't moving at normal pace, nor was it still. In the time it took for me to make a decision about the car on the left someone had come around from the right, previously obstructed from view by the crest of the hill, and I clipped the rear of their car. I'm not sure whether I'd commited to the intersection or I was just rolling along. But it's all pretty academic now.

It'll probably cost me about A$ 1000 in insurence excess and higher premiums over the next 2 years. A painful reminder to take your time and not make assumtions about your surroundings on the road. But as everyone says "at least everyone was ok". I did more damage to myself (cut my finger) changing their flat tire than in the accident itself.

I witnessed first hand a semi-trailer run a red and collect a car a few months ago, probably killing the car occupant. When I saw her last the driver of the car was jammed up inside the cabin, bleeding but moving ever so slightly. A sight I'll carry for the rest of my life. Anyway the point of that was that I've been trying hard to keep my eyes open when crossing intersections for traffic. And now this! *sigh*
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