More Windows XP Madness
Date: 27/2/2005
Everyone knows by now how much I love Windows XP, even to the point of writing an application to fix the file associations. But it's come to my attention that fixing the associations is not enough, Windows has to "fix" them back everytime I log in. Doesn't it. Just to be a complete and utter pain in the. What possesses them to write such a horrible mess of an OS?

I'm dreading being finally forced to upgrade my machine at home from 2k to XP so I can use some new hardware that I just bought. I'll be able to experience the pain in all it's delightful glory, up close and personal.

That is of course until I get my hands on one of these. In your face XP! And as a nice side effect the computer won't sound like a wind tunnel. I'm getting sick the cooling requirments of Athlons.
21/03/2005 9:01pm
You'd better get your hands on one of 'those' - small as they are, they're great...
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