George W[ar] Bush
Date: 5/11/2004
Oh, what a shame, George is baaaack!

So now we can expect more:
  • Unprovocated invasions by the US.
  • Civilians killed or displaced by US armed forces.
  • Stand over tactics to force countries into unfair trade agreements because, hey they like to use oil... which the US now controls more of.
  • Even more arrogance from the US administration. "We screwed Iraq over... and no one did anything. Cool... why don't we..." etc etc.

The problem with this is that if any country unilaterally invades enough other countries then it's not going to end nicely. For instance take WW2, 2 countries start invading all their neighbours. 1 gets into a protracted land battle that ended with it's entire civil and industrial base destroyed, the other got nuked.

Gee I wonder which option the enemies of the US will choose?

Basically the US is asking to be nuked. As their administration gets more and more out of control the "terrorists" are eventually going to _have_ to nuke the states to put them back in their place (i.e. a country in Northern America, not the world's government and police).

I think it'll be a shame that 20 million people will have to die just to get the message through to the US gov. that what they are doing is not OK with the rest of the world. A real shame...

(Btw while we're at it, anyone who thinks that 9/11 was unprovoked has got their head firmly in the sand)
Justin Heiner
07/11/2004 6:15am
Well, just be confident that the good 'ol United States will have their votes counted (or not counted) by Diebold systems for a long time to come, since nobody is contesting the election (that has recently found things like electronic voting machines in ONE location counted 4500 votes for GW Bush and 200 votes for Kerry... in a location that only had 600 registered voters.

Shouldn't these machines at least be able to throw up a flag saying "uh, there's not that many people here?" Guess not, coming from a company that produces the election software/hardware that we use who's CEO promised to deliver the election to Bush.

Corporate America...

So what are the immigration requirements for Australia? :)
07/11/2004 3:15pm
I really thought something was changing in the world... but looks like I was wrong :( There's that murderer dumb again.
And how about that Osama video just a few hours away from the elections? Hmmm... am I the only one who thinks that's the best that could have happened to Bush? Am I the only one who thinks that, maybe, terrorists are ruled by the same people who want to "sell" security? Just like the mafia does: pay us so we will protect you from ourselves.
Justin Heiner
07/11/2004 10:00pm
One final rant on the subject before I drop it :-)

Good 'ol Freedom of Information Act found documents that show the security tests on the Diebold voting system were marked "Not Applicable" :-)
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