Uninstaller Behaviour
Date: 1/11/2004
Because Scribe is moving towards a stable build, I'm going to start include .exe installer versions again... for the mainstream users... yeah.

Anyway, I'm looking at the section for uninstalling Scribe and I'm planning on having it remove all the executable code, program resources, help files... but leaving the folders.mail2 file that stored all the email and contants the user accumulated over the time they used Scribe. The other option of course would be to blow away the entire directory, mail, contacts and all. This however could land me in hot water... on the flip side... some people will complain either way. But I'm erring on the "safe" (e.g. leave the mail) rather than "sorry" side right now.

So, dear reader, what would you expect the uninstaller for an email app to do?
01/11/2004 6:02am
I would expect the uninstaller to ask the user what to do.

Also, at uninstall time, I think the user should be given an option to export their contacts and emails to a different format.
01/11/2004 8:46am
OpenOffice asks, while uninstalling, whether you want to delete all the files made by the program or not. I like that kind of politeness. In my opinion it would be kind of Scribe to ask before deleting the mail.
Edwin Steele
01/11/2004 11:33am
The default behaviour should be to uninstall all the files that the installer put there in the first place. Installshield works this way by default but will grumble when it can't remove some of the folders it created because there are still files (like your mail!) inside it.
Justin Heiner
02/11/2004 7:38am
A good idea, IMHO, would be to ask the user if he/she wants to delete all files, including the folders.mail2... then when he/she clicks on Yes, have it inform them that it WILL in fact delete folders.mail2 and the consequences of that. That way when they don't read it the first time, maybe they'll read it the second time around.
03/11/2004 12:53am
Alright, I think what I'll start with is not deleting the mail or scribe.r files but removing all the program and resource files. Then if I can get nsis to ask a question during the uninstall I will add a option to delete the mail as well, that defaults to OFF. So if they just click next next next next next next. Then they don't end up nuking their email.
03/11/2004 1:21am


03/11/2004 8:07am
I like it. It gives the alert user an option, doesn't _require_ the user to read carefully, and doesn't slow down the speedy users. It's better than I could have thought of.
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