Date: 25/10/2004
It would seem to me that after you got kicked out of one home you would be wary of making the same mistake twice. But it appears that the local miner birds aren't that smart. They have, over the last few days, tried to colonise the automatic roller door on the garage of our house. They did this last year at the other end, and I had to claw all the nest material out and board it up.

So this year they had a cunning plan. The OTHER END of the roller door! Which is mostly obsured by the motor that drives the door up and down. But it seems no hole is too small, and no obsticle too difficult (I stuffed the holes with plastic bags, which they removed). And now that end is filled with twigs and leaves and other litter. So now I've cleaned that out, scraping my arm on the gears and metal edges. And boarded that end up as well.

But the add insult to injury the door mechanism is now faulty, when the door reaches the bottom it gets confused and heads back up to the top unless someone manually turns it off.
Mel Chong
26/11/2004 7:32pm
Were these really miners? or were they mynahs?
26/11/2004 9:44pm
I don't know the spelling of the bird's name... so it could be 'mynah'
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